Why Choose Us

With over 15 years’ experience in South Africa, Head over Hills Travels believe that we have the extensive knowledge to help you find the best hotels, restaurants and attractions to make your dream holiday come true. We started our tour operator in 2005 (earlier traded as SA Travels) because of our passion for travel around South Africa and that the country had so much to offer for tourists, be it a leisurely planned trip or an adventure, jam packed with all kinds of activities. It would be a loss for people who do not come and experience South Africa. We extended our services with our luxury retreat, Head over Hills, and thereafter we merged the two which is why we now trade as Head over Hills Travels. We are a luxury inbound tour operator and we are proud to offer professional service with a personal touch for your holiday in South Africa. We use top quality accommodation and your itinerary will be co-ordinated with a balanced mix between relaxation and activities, depending on what you would like to experience on your holiday.

When it comes to planning your dream trip, we will be with you all the way, from your first contact with us until you are safely back home again. We want to ensure that when you arrive home, you will have amazing and unforgettable memories. The personal touch we create gives us a life-long relationship with you as a traveller and most of our clients come back to South Africa on a regular basis because there is so much to see and do.

Many African countries have a reputation for a high crime rate, but we place a great emphasis on safety and security. Our tours are normally self-drive because South Africa is a country with good infrastructure and signage. The roads are in excellent condition too. However if you would prefer us to be your very own private chauffeur/guide throughout the whole trip, then we will do this with pleasure. We will also take you to some amazing restaurants (some well-kept secrets here), so you will not have to worry about taking a wrong turn anywhere. We will take you safely home back to your hotels at all times.

Our mission is for you to enjoy your holiday to the maximum, so we would want to plan your trip down to the finest detail before you leave home. We would love you to be able to come up with thoughts, opinions and wishes for your journey. Contact us and we will be happy to tell you a little more about Head over Hills Travels and how you can experience the best of South Africa with us!

All you have to do is to send us an email with your approximate travel dates, budget and special requirements and we will start planning your dream holiday in South Africa. We will then send you a suggested itinerary. What to do? How many days? What to see? Where to stay? All these questions we answer for you. You really don’t have to worry as this is our area of expertise. We want to make your adventure as easy as possible, and this is why our dedicated travel team works day and night for you to experience the most perfect holiday.

Let your adventure start with Head over Hills Travels!

Head Over Hills Travels South Africa